Monday, January 1, 2007

A Bit Harsh?

Yesterday, before Sunday School, the Blossoms talked me into playing house with them. Michael was the daddy, Gabri was the mommy, and guess who had to be the baby? So anyway, I'm sitting there and Michael is "off to work as a cooker at a rest'ront" and Gabri is carrying around Elmo and Big Bird, who are apparently my baby brother and sister. She sat Big Bird down on a chair and came over to me and said, "Becky, your baby brother (Big Bird) hit your baby sister (Elmo) and now she's crying."

"Well, tell him to say sorry."

"Ok, then I will ground him for a year and then should I send him to bed?"

1 comment:

Me said...

It's not by chance that she's heard this said to a "certain someone" else, is it?? :o)

Now there's a future mommy who will dare to discipline (forget the timeout chair!) LOL