Friday, December 29, 2006

Scarf Love

Scarves seemed to be a common theme at Christmas this year. My sister and I both got one. Please note the grand difference. I think Gabri got the short end of the stick here. Her scarf is hand-knitted (by me) with (in the words of Grandma Spongebob) "love in every stitch". The pink band with creme around it was supposed to be the center, but apparently I pulled a little too tight on the second half and it is a tad (read as: extremely) off center. But she seems to like it, so, hey, maybe it isn't so bad.

My scarf however, is a cashmere Burberry. Yes, Burberry. As in the normally $200-$4oo scarves that are imported from London. Before you go and ask my parents where your Christmas present is, there is no way that they bought me one for retail price. From what I understand, it was an Ebay deal, but since it is GENUINE (I have the registration tags and everything), who am I to complain?


the lizness said...

just call me JEALOUS! I love the scarf!

Theresa said...

Jessica will certainly be impressed! Oh, the scarf you did for Gabri is adorable. Don't worry about the offside stripe, it's a "Becky Original"!