Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Costume Follies

Last night was the first rehearsal with costumes. When I went into the mirror room (dressing room) I found the little rack with my name on it. On that rack were two hangers. One had a pink and blue polo shirt, antennaes, and a mask. The other had the most hideous lacy, ruffly, puky green and purple outfit I had seen in my entire life. In short.. I LOVED IT! It also came with a straw hat with a big purple flower poking out of the top of it. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. So my slippers that I made kind of clashed, but who really cares anyway? Some of the pom-poms fell of and I can only find one of them so I am going to buy some more I think and fix them. So, last night we were just supposed to be getting used to the idea of our costumes and learning how to move in them. Unfortunately, our Jitterbug costumes needed a little fixing. We go out on stage in our costumes and proceed to do our dance. It starts smoothly, but there is one problem. The eyeholes are too small making it very hard for us to see where we are going. In the end, one of the girls was laying on the floor of the hall, crying because someone stepped on her ankle and she could hardly walk on it. So, the prop people made our eyeholes a little bigger. Hopefully tonight will run smoother.
While we're on the subject of costume mishaps, I think the entertainment of the night was what happened to poor Sam Clarvoe. He plays Uncle Henry and an Ozian and when the ordered his Ozian costume there was a problem. Apparently the people at the costume place screwed up and ordered a (drumroll please) dress. I about died. Apparently this is not the first time that Sam's gender has been compromised. In 3rd grade apparently in his yearbook next to the picture was the name Samantha Clarvoe. Poor guy. I am having fun calling him Samantha right now though.


Jewel said...

Like I've always said: Make sure your pompoms are secure. I know I do mine.

The Muffin said...

Sis.Jewel, that is just a scary thought. LOL