Monday, October 9, 2006

Research Update

At the moment I have decided to keep going with the child abuse project, but I have also made another decision. I don't think that I'm going to go into the medical field. Just reading about these kids makes me depressed so I don't think that the medical profession is a wise choice. I think that it would be devestating.

So, today I have been flaunting my new iPod (squeals with joy...then notices people staring at her strangely, coughs and moves on) ahem.....anyway, flaunting my new beautiful 4 GB piece of joy. Rachel says that she hates me for it. She'll get over it.

I had to make up a test today for English 10 Honors. It was easy. Except for that I forgot that I had told my history teacher that I would make up my history test today. Oops. He just gave me a look, rolled his eyes, and said "Whatever......*sigh*, I guess you'll have to take it tomorrow." So, let's hope I won't forget, because if it happens again I think I may be experiencing the French Revolution in real life rather than on a ScanTron paper.

What else? Today I have........*think, think*...a sub in Bio I because Mrs. Steen is taking a field trip to the Wilds. Oh! That gives me a rant! A money rant! Those are always fun! Anyway, there's this field trip to this place called "The Wilds" in Zanesville. It's this old restored strip mine and pretty much it is a tree-hugger's dream come true. It is supposed to be a pretty cool place, and any field trip that gives you 2 days of excused absences has my stamp of approval. Here's the catch. It's $76! And you have to work! What's up with that? I went to DC for $75 and didn't do strenuous activity like moving rocks or anything.

So anyway, probably should end this post now

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Deana said...

I've Decided that I hate you too! lol just kidding.... Maybe... lol just kidding. Im jelous though.... All of my family members are too cheap to get me anything nice like that for my birthdays or Chirstmas.... lol Oh well