Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October 10

Today when I got up and got on the computer I saw the date. October 10. My Grandma Ryan would have been 63 today. So I'm thinking "Boy this day is going to stink." And guess what? On the bus today....my cell phone fell out of my bookbag. IT'S AN OMEN PEOPLE!! So, anyway, I'm thinking, "Well, my day is off to a wonderous start.", and then I walk into English. Justin has declared it "National Eat a Cookie in Mrs. Crouch's 1st period Honors English 10 Day" (and yes he really wrote that on the board....all of it) and he made snickerdoodles. No, let me rephrase that. He made the greatest snickerdoodles that have ever graced the planet. They were sooooooooooo good. So, then we had to go to this presentation for the KCCC (Knox County Career Center) so we could hear about all of the programs that they have for juniors and seniors and sign up for the tour we have to go to on December 6. I signed up to visit Health Tech, Business Tech, and Cosmetology. What? I needed a third! I am so bummed that they got rid of the tourism and marketing class. I would have picked that! So then was Parenting. Boring as usual, but I do have a 96% in that class, so I put up with it.

Yesterday in Bio I, we got our tests back. I got the highest grade in the class- an 89%. The class average was somewhere in the 70's. Speaking of test grades, I have yet another reason why I am a freak. I got my Geometry quiz back yesterday too. I got a 100%. It's good to be good! lol.

Tonight we're going to the library for my siblings to go to Storytime. I am probably going to actually tag along this time so I can get some CD's to download onto my iPod. I love that thing. Aaron now hates me as well, apparently. He has the original black Nano. I have a pink metallic Nano. These, which I learned from the iTunes, is the Remastered iPod Nano, which is about 60 bucks more and much more sought after. Did I mention I love my uncle? So anyway, Aaron called me a loser. I'm ok with that, strangely.


Dad said...

You can't fight the genes. WT! Here you come!

Deana said...

WT? Whats that? Im confused.... lol I wish I had some smart genes too! I dont do to bad but I would love to do better! lol

The Muffin said...

I am not White Trash!!!!