Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last Day of Vacation

Today was my last day of summer vacation. It has come to an end so fast, it's amazing. I've had a great day. I had to get up at 6 AM for it to start though. We left at about 7:30 and I slept in the car while my dad went to his appointment and we drove to Easton. I was so out of it in the car that when I woke up I found a Reese's Fast Break (one of my favorite candy bars) in my purse. I asked my mom how it got there. She explained that she had bought it for me at a gas station, handed it to me, and I had said thank you. I remembered none of this so I will just have to take her word for it. We went to Max and Erma's in Easton and I had Tortilla Soup and a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. I didn't finish the sandwich so it is in the fridge right now. The soup was delicous. Then we went to Mount Carmel St. Ann's Hospital to see the Dennison's new baby girl. She's beautiful! She looks like her mom. Then we drove home and I slept all the way home. So I have had a very well rested day at least. LOL.

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Deana said...

Haha Love the thing about the fast break.... lol I got a blog on here now too!