Friday, June 2, 2006

Post #199

This is post 199. Wow. June 6th was the date of my first post. I think I may not post till then so that would be 200 posts in a year. Cool. Well, look at that stunning young lady in the picture. Looks like an idiot doesn't she? I don't claim her. LOL. WEll I haven't posted in about a week, so here's what's up. My aunt and cousins came over last weekend and we went to the park.The park has this bouncy rolly slide which is what you see me in all my grace on in the picture to my left. Well, apparently the more mass you have the faster you go, so I zoomed down that thing. Thus, the look of shock on my face. LOL. I've been working on a project most of the week for English. It's almost done and I really wish it was totally done. It's getting old. Exams are this coming week. I am so nervous about those. Especially Algebra. I have a D in that class. It is the only class I can get away with a D in. I hate math and have never been good at it. So my parent's cut me some slack on it. However there was a mix-up in history, which I ALWAYS have an A in and I thought I had turned in this packet for homework and hadn't and my grade dropped to a C! Thank goodness I straightened that out! Well, other than that, not much to report. My life is pretty boring at the present.

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Jewel said...

Yes, I've had one of those "flying-down-the-slide-at-warp-speed" experiences, too, Becky. Ed and I were at the state fair and I just HAD to go down the giant slide. (that was my first mistake) Well, I got on that little straw mat thingy they have you sit on and I took off. I didn't just take off, sister, I went airborne! I kid you not! I was scared to death!! Every time I went over one of the humps, I went airborne! Ed about died laughing at me. And me trying to keep my skirt down and legs together! It was quite a feat, let me tell you! I'm glad we survived our slide experiences, Becky! Well, I'm glad to hear that you are going to make it out of school alive. *whew* Our last day of school here was this past Thursday. Take care, sweetie! I love you! (HUGS)