Tuesday, June 6, 2006

1 year in posting

Happy Anniversary to About Absolutely Nothing! This is the 1-year anniversary of my blog and my 200th post. Here is the post from my first day:

Road Trip
One of the things I love most about summer, spring, and winter breaks is my trips to work with Dad. He works from home but is on the road a lot, so when I'm not at school I go with him sometimes. This is so fun because even though I have to get up really early sometimes (not my favorite thing in the world to do) I can get out of the house and just listen to the Ipod and ride in the car all day. I am a really wierd kid, I mean how many kids do you know who would rather go to work with their parents than play on the Xbox... wait. Let me think about that. Hmmmm. That's a toss up. I'll get back to you on that.
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YAY!!!!! I'm done with another year! Freedom at last! I can't believe this school year is finally over. It's gone really, really fast. The school year has been full of projects and I had a teacher who had us memorize a whole lot of stuff. Gettysburg Address, Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, and the Declaration of Independence. Thank the Lord for "Schoolhouse Rock". Ha Ha Ha
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Hahaha. Look how far I have come! In the past year we have seen
  1. My first day of High School
  2. My first boyfriend
  3. First breakup
  4. Change in favorite movie- From Evita to Titanic
  5. A new hobby-Knitting
  6. A headlice epidemic at camp
  7. My struggles with gym
  8. Me becoming a sunday school teacher
  9. My obsession with CSG turning into just friends
  10. 3 friends of mine beginning blogging
  11. 1 friend cancel her blog
  12. my dad switch blogs
  13. and a TON more!

This year in blogging has been great. Who can tell how far I will come in the next year. Thank you for reading this year in blogging.

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