Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Vegetarian Day

Ok, normally I love pizza. I mean come on. I'm 15. But today, for the 6th time this month, they were serving SCHOOL PIZZA. I had enough. I looked on the menu.

Vegetarian Griller w/ Vegetarian Chili
Fresh Fruit
So I ask the cook (quite hesitantly) "What is in the Veggie Griller?" She tells me that it is just a veggie burger. Oh gee, thanks for that wonderous explanation. So I am briefly contemplating the pizza. And then I look at that disgusting, goopy, oily, greasy mess of cheese and bread, and lord-knows- what meat that they call pepperoni and I say "Vegetarian Griller and Chili please" Despite the smarmy looks and gagging noises from my lunch buddies, I eat this animal friendly meal, prepared to run off to the nearest restroom. But then........ IT WAS AWESOME!!!! The burger was a rice burger thing with onions and mushrooms ground into it (and I hate mushrooms so for me to say that it was good is a stretch for me) with cheese (obviously not a VEGAN meal) and the chili was basicly bean soup in a thick tomato sauce. Delicous. Plus, I love the school salads. They don't have them often. So much for promoting a good diet. Other than that today consisted of:
Personal Development- starting the career unit. my highest cluster was (shocker here) Health and Medical Services which was a 29/30
Gym- started out playing football which I love and then nobody wanted to play so I shot hoops the rest of the period
Spanish- we're starting kitchen and cooking terms. i have a quiz tomorrow. not much happened here
Algebra- uggggghhh..don't wanna talk about it. Had a pop quiz on Factoring Monomials. The crazy part was that the teacher goes "Does everyone understand it?" A resounding "NO!!" from the entire class. Then he passes out the quizzes....
English- I am learning to love this class. I am kinda bummed that Humphrey is retiring. She's not the dragon she used to be. We're reading Romeo and Juliet (I love this play) and we peer-revised our essays for Tale of Two cities. Mine rocks. Will put it on here later.
Science- I got one unending nosebleed this period. Very annoying since we did a video worksheet and I missed half of it
History- I love this class. We talked about Socialism, Capitalism, and Communism. I asked a question and that launched the whole class into debate. They hate me. I love it. Move on.
I am still waiting to find out about my friend who they think has cancer. She had tests run Thursday and hasn't heard anything yet. I hate the waiting part. This is the second time in a span of 5 months that I have had to wait for this kind of news. It bugs me. Well, it is getting late so I better go. Type to you later.

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