Saturday, May 6, 2006


Well, I had a blast last night/this morning! I went to the Master Youth Rally in columbus.It was incredible. Bro.Shay Mann preached about magnifying God and the alter service was incredible! People were jumping and dancing and worshipping everywhere! AMAZING!! Well, then at about 10 PM we all left for the Lock-In at the YMCA in Powell. OMGosh it was sooooooo fun! I was determined not to lose any energy so immediately when I got there I downed two mountain dews. Well, you may think,awww that gave her enough of a caffeine kick. Wow, you are soooo wrong. Here is the breakdown-
Coffee (cream and sugar)- 6 cups
Mountain Dew- 4 cans
Water- 2 bottles.
The only reason the water was in there was so I could detox and keep my kidneys for committing treason. lol. They had DDRMax2 there last night...SO FUN!! I am so bad at the game, but I love it. The only bad thing is that I screwed up my foot when I was in 2nd grade, so if I strain it too much, it KILLS!!Well, after my first round of DDRMax, my foot was going into spasms and hurt like the bad place. So, of course there are no ice packs, so I have to (no joke) ice my foot with a Coke can that has been in the cooler. lol. It was a pretty funny sight. Well, after about 15 minutes, I was fine, and was an idiot and played again. It didn't hurt as bad the rest of the night. Lucky for me. Well then, Bro.Ellis decides that he is going to play DDRMax. HILARIOUS!! It was just too funny. Well, Bro.Ben said that our group was not leaving until 6 AM and by that time most of us were beat (i was still on a caffeine high, lol) so we left at 5:45 and most everyone (except me of course) tried to sleep. Tried. Me and Bro. Ben were picking on everyone as soon as they were starting to fall asleep. It was hilarious. they hated us. Well, in about Centerburg, I crashed from my caffiene high and was exhausted. So i came home and crashed for 2 hours and now i am fine. So that was my evening/morning. On today's agenda...


I am so excited for her! I can't wait! Then at 7:30 me and dad are going to Long Live Rock N' Roll. Tomrrow we are going to Minerva. So that's my weekend. My brother just made cinnamon rolls and i am starving so bye!


Jewel said...

What is DDRmax, pray tell????

becky said...

dance dance revolution. its this game w/ a dance pad and u have to watch the screen and follow the steps in the sequence that it tells u to 70's-90's music. very fun and quite a workout