Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oooh..I got burned!!

Well, this is somewhat of a parody of a phrase that we use quite a bit at MVHS. The phrase "ohh! Man, you got burned!" Means that an insult that should cause ddep pain or humiliation has just been recieved by the person that the phrase is directed at. Well, mine is more literal than this. We had yet another bomb threat today at the dear high school and we were all on the front lawn waitng for clearence to go back inside. Well, there is NOOOOOOOOOO shade out there so I got a fair sunburn . It hurts. Ouch. Well, this weekend is a four day weekend, and tomorrow, my best friend wants me to come over and watch Titanic (of course, i will have to FORCE myself to do Anyway, she's been palanning for me to come over for about a week and today I noiced the irony of this. Tomorrow is the 94th anniversary of Titanic sinking. So we were sitting on ther bus discussing the irony of "If you stay the night tomorrow and we stay up watching Titanic, we would actually be watching the movie as it was happening 94 years ago." So I have been thinking about this. If events followed the movie at this time 94 years ago, Jack Dawson (*sigh*) would have been preparing to eat dinner in the 1st class dining room. lol.

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Jewel said...

So do you think you will cry again when you watch it this time, Becky??? Make sure you have plenty of tissues. Ohhh, and why the 4-day weekend, you lucky ducks????