Friday, March 31, 2006

Obsessive Ramblings

AIM and Xanga have been giving me reeal issues lately. I've been trying to upload icons on both and they've been a pain in the hind end. In accordance with my recent obsession (for some reason I always have one of those) I have remodeled my xanga (its so pretty now, there's a link on the sidebar) and got a new buddy icon and was trying to add a new profile pic to my xanga. Well, I finally got a xanga picture up though it wasn't the one i wanted, and today when talking to my friend Jessica she spontaneously said:

Jessica: I hate your icon
Me:It shows up?
J:yes, i hate it
J:It has Leonardo DiCraprio on it

And yes I am perfectly aware there is an extra "r" in there thank you much. The icon is great but for the past week, nobody has been able to see it. So now it works and everything is fine and dandy. Oh goody.


Jewel said...


I love it! I love it!! Leonardo Decraprio! How original!! LOL

The Muffin said...

lol. You weren't kidding when you said you were going to cover my site in comments were you? lol

Jewel said...

pNooooo, I wasn't kidding!! LOL