Monday, February 13, 2006

A rare occurance

wow... all the logged in people on my IM list are guys. strange....

pretty good day today. ok, i just lied. it wasn't so great. starting with gym. alot of you know that in 2nd grade i sliced my foot open and came close to hitting a tendon. i had 13 stitches. well, this is just now choosing to cause me problems. today we did sprints and a whole lot of funky excercises that put my weight on my feet. (this has happened for a few days) it usually hurts pretty bad but today i was about ready to cry it hurt so bad. just pray for me ok? well, spanish went ok, but algebra wasn't so good. I got a %58.67 on my algebra test that i actually studied for. that's not fun. at least i didn't get in trouble. i was kinda slow by science ( i usually am. it's 7th period) so i got reeeeeeeal behind on my notes and had to ask for the slides from my teacher. but 8th period made it a little better. MAGZ IS BACK AT MY SCHOOL!!! i'm so happy. she went to homeschool for about a month, decided she hated it, and now is back with her old schedule so she is in my S.S. class agian. i am so glad. at least my day was better than Aaron's. He left 4th period because he has strep throat. Awwww... i feel so bad for him. but anywhooo.. that's my day. i'm signing off now.

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