Thursday, February 9, 2006

*gasp* An actual post?

Well, its been a while since i made an "actual real live post" other than just the ramblings of IM. teehee. but i missed actually spreading my good ol' (cynical) humor with the world. so here goes a schedule of my day at school

  1. Pers.Dev.- We were practicing with the Baby Think It Over Parenting Simulators today, because we get to take them home over the next few weekends. My turn, i think, is next weekend. Boy, will that be fun. My friend Rachel is taking it home this weekend. But anywhoooo, this baby does not like me at ALL!! It wailed while i held it and would not shut up. uggggggggghhh... so looking forward to this... not.
  2. Gym- started volleyball. don't make me cover more details, its much too painful

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