Saturday, December 17, 2005

Stolen from CSG's site ( his was much more interesting)(this was yesterday)

First best friend: Erica Pullins
First real boyfriend: jordan sharp
First real memory of something: getting lost @ sea world
First date: jordan, again
First kiss: haven't ever had one (lord that's embarrassing)
First screen name:Miroku31
First self purchased album: Steven Curtis Chapman
First pets: Fish (which promptly died, as usual)
First piercing/tattoo: ummmmm...none
First enemy: Maile Sherman
First big trip: To San Francisco
First detention: 6th grade, tardies
First heartbreak: When my grandma died when I was ten from cancer
First time breaking a bone:on my 8th birthday i broke my finger playing basketball
First sleepover: Erica Pullins
First hangover: Oh all the time (joking!!!) never

Social Life:Best guy friend(s): aaron, brandon, jordan
Hobbies: Cell phone, IM, Xanga, anything with computer
Are you center of attention or the wallflower: all by myself *sniffle*
Would you rather be with friends or on a date: that depends on who the date was with (LOL). prolly friends though
Best hangout: w/ my youth group
Who- People:
Have known the longest: Erica
Argue the most with: Jordan
Always get along with: Rachel Hezakiah Crescimanno
Is most trustworthy:Mags
Makes you laugh the most: Aaron or Cassie, both are pretty darn funny
Most interesting to talk to: Same as the last answer
Has been there through all the hard times: Erica
Has the coolest parents: I don't really know that many parents, prolly Tiffany
Is the smartest: Rachel Winter
Best Mannered: my friends? manners? are u kidding? no, probably Rachel C.
Best Dressed: Olivia
Most talkative: Hanchey, definately
Most Innocent: Erica
Car ride: On the bus home (i have noooooo
Movie seen: Frosty the Snowman
swear word: I don't cuss. the last time i cussed was in 7th grade on accident
beverage consumed: cappucinno
Person you called: Rachel
that called you: idk, i haven't heard from anyone
TV show watched: Dirty Jobs..Gross!!
Shower: This afternoon
Shoes worn: My doc martens... YESSSS!!
Item bought: Hanchey's present
Web page visited:
Movie you rented: Win a date with Tad Hamilton
CD you listened to: Measure of A Man (its Clay! what do u expect)
CD you've bought: AI season 2
Person you were thinking of: am i reeeeeeeeally that dumb?!?!?
What are you wearing: jean skirt, shirt, my new toe socks
What song are you listening to?: Dirty Little Secret
What's the weather like?: COLD!! Snowing
Current obsession: Clay Aiken, as usual and Xanga
Current Addiction: CAFFEINE!!
Talking To: Nobody.*cry*
o. Rock or rap: Rock
o. Pop or rap: Pop
o. Rap or R&B: R&B
o. Rock or metal: That depends on who it is
o. Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit : Linkin Park, no contest!!
o. Korn or tool : who?
o. Winter or summer: Summer
o. Spring or fall: Spring, unless its August, my favorite month
o. ICP or Eminem: they both stink
o. Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie: same here
o. Kittie or Garbage: who?
o. MTV or VH1: MTV
o. Buffy or Angel: they both stink
o. Dawsons Creek Or Gilmore Girls: both are terrible
o. Football or basketball: Football
o. Summer olympics or winter Olympics: Winter, ICE SKATING!!
o. Skiing or snowboarding: I dunno
o. Rollerblading or skateboarding: rollerblading, although i fall every time


o. Boyfriend/girlfriend: nope, never
o. Crush: who doesn't?!?! HECK YES, BATMAN!!
o. Do you love anyone right now: same as my crush
o. Have you ever been in love: yep
o. Ever had sex: good lord, i've never even kissed anyone
o. How many hearts have you broken: nada, that i know of... maybe one...
o. How many people broke your heart: 2
o. Do you go more by looks or personality: i dunno, personality?
o. Do you smoke: eeew, no
o. How about weed: suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.......
o. How about a little ecstasy: noooooo
o. Crack, heroin, anything else: noooooooooooooooooooooooo
o. Are you a sissy who drinks Mike's Hard Lemonade and wine coolers: uh-uh
o. Prefer beer or liquor: neither!

o. Bungee jump: ABSOLUTELY
o. Skydive: YESH!!
o. Swim with dolphins: NO WAY!
o. Scuba dive: YES!!
o. Go rock climbing: I already do! I love it!!
o. Change your religion: am I that dumb?
o. Turn your back on your friends for personal gain?: no way
o. Steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: that's just wrong,and it's happened to me, so no way!
o. Lie to the police: do i look like an idiot!?!
o. Run from the police: same thing
o. Speed away from the police: hee hee.. no.. bye-bye, learners permit.
o. Walk up to a total stranger and kiss them:
o. Be an exotic dancer: NO WAY!!
o. Walk out of a restaurant without paying: I did on accident once *blush* o.
Streak: if it was my last day on earth and i knew it, maybe (jk)


Liz said...

I have a sneaking feeling that if you streaked, it would be your last day on earth.

Just a hunch.

The Muffin said...

really? u think? hahaha