Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm not an Apostolic?!?!?

Please do note the question marks. I am not saying that I'm not an Apostolic, I'm arguing a point that a few of my "friends" made about me not being a true christian. Like my dad and his "holiday tree" debate on his blog, I have been facing my own yuletide argument on the use of xmas as an abbreviation. I am a very lazy person (no amens please). I am so lazy that i like to save a few letters and write xmas rather than christmas, especially in speed typing. Apparently, a few of my friends think that this means that i am less of a christian and removing the reason for the season by writing xmas. I think this is (to quote my father) hogwash. This is what one of these people had to say.

"i agree with you about x mas true apostolic wouldnt put x mas or listen to worldly music and stuff we should be standing up with one another to stop x mas from over taking the word christ in christmas because if you call yourself an apostolic you wouldnt be putting x mas youd be putting christmas to let your light shine someone that puts that needs a little trip to the altar is what i think."

first of all, i don't see what worldly music has to do with anything except for (and maybe I'm just being paranoid) it might be because this whole debate on Bebo began because I asked one of my friends what they wanted to xmas, causing another friend to see this and tell me that i was being unchristian, and when i protested the whole debate began. on my profile i have my favorite bands and some of them are pop or soft rock (clean though!), but i'm getting off track. second, i really don't believe that writing xmas is going to taint ur witness any at all.

thanks for letting me rant. what to you all think? leave me some comments please.


Liz said...

I think there is moderation in all things. Moderation does not equal compromise. There's a scripture about a thing being lawful but not expedient which in small words means it's legal (ie not sin) but not good for everyone. While you may not be affected by pop music and writing Xmas instead of Christmas, other people may feel that is sin to them. The trick is to not pass judgment on someone else's feelings. So, you may apologize for accidently offending them, but you're not going to blast the socks off them for being so legalistic. See my point? And the good news is the whole Xmas thing only happens once a year so it will blow over and you will be friends again, and maybe by next year the parties involved may realize it's not the end of the world.

The Muffin said...

thank u liz. that helps!