Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life Lesson 1: On Friendship

Over the next couple of days....weeks....possibly months...maybe years...I'm taking the time to wax sentimental and wise and junk and therefore have developed personal life lessons. These solely reflect my personal observations. Before applying any of these concepts, please consult your physician first. 

Life Lesson 1: The best friends may come from the most unexpected places. Never rule anyone out.

My first memory of my friend Natashia is from about a month after I started at Gateway. Four of us went to the Loop for a Switchfoot concert, there were two backstage passes involved, and Natashia and I did not have said passes. So instead, we went to a Starbucks on the corner, made small talk, ended up discovering that both of us had Blackberrys AND Twitter, and the rest, as they say, is history. However, if you ask her what HER first memory of me is, you’re not going to get a warm fuzzy story like you will from me. Her first memory is from much earlier. Like, the day I moved into the room next door to her and started pounding away at nails in the wall with a hammer. Because I was clueless as to the poor structures that are Gateway’s walls, I thought nothing of this. However, apparently a bookshelf was knocked off the wall, there was lots of yelling from next door, and she wasn’t exactly my biggest fan at that time.

But after that first concert and Blackberry conversation, there have been countless Starbucks dates and mall trips with the car windows down and Emily King music playing loudly, and I’d like to think that we’re pretty decent friends and she doesn’t still hold my poor choice of hammering against me (although it was brought up during the last trip to St.Louis). I can trust her with pretty much anything and know that although we may not see each other for months at a time, our reunions will be filled with shrieks of joy and the obligatory trip to Starbucks.

The moral of this story: your first impression of someone might not be everything. Some of your greatest friends may come out of the strangest places. The person yelling through the wall next door might just end up being one of your favorite coffee buddies. Don’t miss that chance. There are too many awesome people in the world that might end up walking right by you. 

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MotherT said...

It's always a good thing to leave room for change in any relationship. People that you have been only slightly acquaited with can become very close support people in the right situations.

I'm glad you've made some of these good relationship choices at this point in your life. You kept me on edge a few times! (Or maybe I should say on my knees!)