Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Westboro Baptist

Note: I know I haven't written in a million years. Sorry about that. For an abundance of lame reasons (too busy, lack of motivation, blah, blah, blah). I will attempt to write more in the future. Also note that this may be controversial and you may want to come after me with torches and pitchforks. I don't apologize for a word of it. This is my response to recent current events and is my opinion. That being said, here it is:

Dear Westboro Baptist,

Although I have heard echoes of the grief you cause, I had never really chosen to familiarize myself with any of your motives until I saw today that you won your case in the Supreme Court. Let me begin by saying that freedom of speech or no, people like you are the reason that the world thinks that Christians like me are close-minded, ignorant fools who want nothing more than to indoctrinate the world by beating them upside the head. Despite what you may say, God doesn’t hate the gays and neither do I.

You say that the war is God pouring out His judgment upon our country because we tolerate homosexuality, which is biblically regarded as a sin. We won’t go into my relatively unorthodox views on the subject, because, really, in all honesty, they don’t matter one way or the other in this particular context. Whether you believe someone was born that way, chose to be that way, or any other variety of theories, you’re forgetting two very important things.

First of all, let’s assume that this is, in fact, God’s judgment, like you say. I firmly disagree with this, but for the sake of argument, let’s just throw the idea out there. Why is it that God is pinpointing the sin of homosexuality and not your judgmental nature and lack of grace? What about your blatant neglect of Jesus’ command to care for widows and orphans, both of which are inadvertently present at the funerals that you seem to think are your God-ordained duty to disrupt? Unless I’m mistaken, there is no greater or lesser sin where God is concerned. Therefore, the idea that your actions are being justified by God is highly implausible, and, frankly, a bit sacrilegious.

In addition, you’re forgetting the foundation of what we as Christians are really supposed to believe in the first place. God doesn’t hate anyone and neither should we. I in no way claim to be a universalist and am definitely not saying that all roads lead to the same place. But it has never been, nor will it ever be, our job to pour out judgment and hatred. Jesus didn’t do that, so why should you? If you really want to save the world and exemplify God, try showing a little love and compassion. Do you really think that causing emotional distress in lives of innocent people is going to bring glory to God? Do you think people are going to be saved that way? You don’t have to condone the action yourself. You don’t even have to believe that it’s right. Hate the action, not the person. As far as I know, hatred has never brought forth a beneficial action.

This letter is short, it is simple, and it probably won’t influence anyone’s viewpoints. All you should really know is that you don’t speak for the Christians. At least not this one.

Peace and blessings.


Don Ryan said...

Well said but your comment system blows. Reinstall Disqus stat.

Theresa said...

Very nice post! Well said!

Tiffany said...

I really really really just don't understand how this falls under freedom of speech and not harassment. I just don't. It blows me away that they are allowed to do this. I don't care what they believe and how offensive it is. If they want to blog, have a website, make commercials, whatever, I don't care. But invading funerals and robbing the families of that private time with their venom sickens me. That's the part that sounds like harrassment to me.