Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Tale of Two Fishies

Once upon a time, about a week ago, I decided that I needed a fish. It was simply a necessity and my dorm room could not go on without it.

Tonight, finally, we set out on a quest to find a fish. We traveled to a specialty aquarium store, but they were pretty overpriced and their bettas (which is actually what  I kind of wanted) looked depressed. So, we went to Petco. They were much more affordable and had a pretty nice selection. And then I saw it.

The food tank.

Crammed with about a million fish for thirteen cents a piece. I simply had to save them.

Oh sure, the lady warned me they wouldn't last long. But I assumed this would mean like a week? Maybe two if I got lucky. The point was, I wanted a fish in my life, and this was the way to do it. So, I bought some food and some dechorlinizer (if that's not a word, I don't even care) and was on my merry way with two fish that I rescued. And I named them Princess Consuela (insert Friends reference here) and Punjab.

We got them back to the school, put them in the tank, and they promptly died. Ten minutes later.

Thanks, Petco.

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