Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sudden Influx of Awesome

Am I doing anything of substance in college thus far?

Eh. Debatable.

I mean, let's look at the facts. I'm currently in a Life of Christ class, which I've been in for going on two weeks, and we have yet to mention Christ's life. Actually, the class is more of a painful rerun of New Testament Survey. It makes me want to weep tears of agony and pain. However, there is awesome in the form of Old Testament Survey, a class that makes me even more convinced that I was born to be Jewish and is enhanced by the fact that my professor likes to get loud and yell a lot. In a good way. There is also awesome in the form of Hermeneutics, a class on Biblical interpretation taught by someone with an actual doctorate and an amazing teaching style, along with a lot of friends in the class, that balance out the stupid that is inevitably brought by the...well...stupid people. Stupid people that say stupid things about situations they don't even understand, yet feel the need to give their keen insight on.

*dismount from soapbox*

Awesome also comes in the form of my Pauline Epistles class, which was changed at the last minute to an independent study course. Which means, basically, we have non-mandatory discussions about the text at Starbucks.
Woe to me and all that jazz.

Awesome also came about two weeks ago, which I briefly mentioned, but will now share pictures from. Basically, my two favorite people in the world made their way from the southern states in which they insist on inhabiting to St.Louis. One was expected, one was a last-minute surprise (which, might I add, I totally figured out before she got here).

I will spare you the sappy details and abbreviate simply to the fact that these are the people who basically made last semester bearable for me and that I love them both more than words can say and their leaving basically left a gaping void in my heart and soul (yes, I did go with the guilt trip route.) Can't imagine life without them and am so flipping glad I got to spend time with them, even if it was just the all-too-short two days. 

 Oh, also, Heather lost her eye. Which makes me sad, because otherwise, I pretty much love this picture more than words can say. Just like the people in it.

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