Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 13- A Fictional Book (Throwback Edition)

I'm about to prove what a grown-up I am by using this book. But do I care? Not at all.

At the end of my third grade year, a lot of changes were going on around my household, the largest of which was the fact that, after nine and a half years, I was no longer going to be an only child. I was getting (Hooray!) a baby sister!

(NOTE: For those of you who actually know anything about my family, you'll note that I actually do have a baby sister. One who is twelve and a half years younger than I am. The sibling that is ten years younger than me is not a sister. This is a completely different story, one which I shall enjoy tormenting my brother with when he's old enough for it to bug him.)

So, during this excessively vulnerable time, my parents decided that to ease any angst that I may have had (if only they had known that they had no idea what angst was and wouldn't until middle school), they decided to get me a book about a kid my age going into fourth grade, who had a little brother (even though that part of the story certainly wasn't applicable) and a turtle ( If you don't know the signifigance, then too bad.) There was also an excess of fruit juice, some stamps on a suitcase, and a premature loss of teeth.

Now, if you haven't read this book, here's something you should know. In hindsight, it probably was not the best book to sooth any ill feelings toward a new sibling.

-Spoiler Alert-

The baby brother eats the kid's turtle. And is just a demon. Like, an absolute brat. And the kid gets completely dumped on and thrown aside for the bratty little brother.

In short, it's a great encouragement.

Not that any of this occurred to me, actually. I actually kind of loved the book. And then my own brother dropped it into a bathtub full of water and it got all stuck together and stuff. It was a sad day for all.

The reason this book actually came to mind? My own brother is heading into fourth grade. And guess what book he's reading?

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