Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Who you are is of no consequence to me.
I don't care about your dark and twisty past.
I don't care about the present that consumes you.
I don't care about your seemingly uncertain future.
It doesn't matter.
When will you understand that?
I don't care that your faith is faltering.
I don't care that you're confused and feel alone.
I don't care..
Because it doesn't matter.
You're you.
White, black, yellow, red, orage, purple.
I don't care.
The person you are?
There's a reason for that.
Oh, you have problems? You have baggage?
You think that's an issue.
It's funny that you think of that as big compared to me.
You're at your wits end and have tried everything you know and some that you don't?
That's interesting, because I happen to have the answer.
You're frustrated because I have this answer and won't give it to you right now?
You're not ready for it.
And besides, it's bigger than you know.
You tell me it's a hopeless cause?
I don't know the meaning of that.
What's hopeless?
You really think there's something I can't make a way out of it.
Child, sometimes you're so foolish.
Limited by your human mind.
But it's okay.
Because you're not supposed to have all the answers.
That's why you're not God.
And I am.
What makes you think you know what's going to happen?
How every little thing will pan out?
Have I ever steered you wrong before?
Have I let you down?
I've got this.
It's not a big deal.
I'm not limited by your doubts.
I'm not limited by what you do and do not believe.
I don't care what the other people say.
They don't define who I am.
Not in the least.
And neither do you.
Quit worrying.
Go back to sleep.
It will be a little brighter in the morning.
Just wait.
You'll see.


Theresa said...

Amen and Amen!!! Well written, well thought out. ((HUGS))

Jewel said...

Amazingly profound.