Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Reflections

The bullets mean that I'm a slacker and too tired to write out a lot. And that I have too many flyaway thoughts.

  • Some people have that extreme talent of being able to make your day, no matter what. These people are awesome. 
  • The best way to block out a bad day is to turn your iPod on full blast and read a book. The iPod keeps you from hearing people and the book blocks the rest out. 
  • Sometimes it's good to laugh at yourself.
  • Apparently, I occasionally have a giggly streak when I'm around guys. This annoys me because I pride myself on not being one of those girls. Ugh.
  • I get to take piano lessons again, to be a guinea pig for my friend who is a music major. I'm learning chords and am psyched.
  • I still really want to know who my lurker is.  It's driving me a little crazy.

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