Sunday, January 24, 2010

At last...

I always figured it would happen when I moved out of Mt.Vernon.

That I would find love again.

I haven't had this in several years, since I lost the last one.

There's so much potential here. So much I can get out of it.

It's like I have a clean slate. No blemishes, no marks on my record.

I'm ready to start over.

I've wanted this for a long time, and now, after today, I have it once again.

I just want to shout it to the whole world!

I have a new library card!


Theresa said...

Cute, Becky, very cute! Just remember to return things on time so you don't leave St. Louis with the library police on your heels.

Jewel said...

And here I got all excited, thinking juuuuust maybe you were talking about another human being but noooooo, you were talking about your NEW library card, to which I must doesn't get much better than a new library card! :-)