Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Working Girl

I am now bringing home a paycheck.

Actually, no, I'm not. I'm bringing home a direct deposit. But the point is that I'm earning minimum wage and comission for the remainder of the holiday season. Huzzah! I start tonight at Radio Shack in about an hour, actually, and am working all of four hours. Tomorrow, again, four hours. Black Friday is going to absolutely murder me. It will beat me down and mop the floor with me. Fail. But, at the same time, win. Because the collective 11-hour split shift comes down to one thing that I haven't been able to bring home in a long time.

Money. And discounts. HallelujahthankyouLord.

The interview was one of the most rediculously easy things on earth. Do you have a criminal record? Do you know at least 80% of what there is to know about a laptop or a cell phone? No and yes? Okay, then you're hired. Apparently, "that was easy" isn't only the slogan of Staples.

Hopefully, now that I have some intereaction outside of the house, I'll be able to actually blog once in a while with something interesting.

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