Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Which FAIL Abounds and Santa Claus is a Freak

There are a variety of things that my Paraguayan friends think are weird about Americans. Santa, for example. For those of you not in the know, the seasons here are backwards. Christmas is in the summer here. So, while I was talking to my friend, Cesar, about this phenomenon, he brings up that he has always seen the American and European portrayals of Santa Claus and thinks that we are up a wall. "Why is Santa wearing a fur coat and a hat, with gloves and boots. It's 110 degrees here during summer!"

Good point. Santa is insane. I'm sure he dresses in layers to accommodate this change in temperature.

Debora thinks that we charge too much for stuff. Amen to that. We were talking about hair things and she was talking about how people here wear chopsticks and flower pins in their hair all the time. I love flower pins, which she knows, and she was telling me that a flower pin here is about 2-4 mil guaranies. AKA- 40-80 cents. My eyes bugged out and she was amused. "Are they expensive in the United States?"

"About three or four dollars."

Her husband, very money knowledgeable,  translates this. "20 mil guaranies."

At this point, it's Debora's turn for the bugging of the eyes. "Thursday, we are going to Asuncion, and we are going to buy hair flowers and other things."

So, today, I was supposed to go to Asuncion. I did not get to go to Asuncion, because a teacher was sick, and Debora had to sub. Tomorrow is a holiday, a big holiday for the kids, so we can't go then either. Is anyone noticing a trend here? Whenever I plan to go somewhere, something comes up? Two cancelled Argentine trips, one Ciudad del Este trip, and now an Asuncion trip? Come one, people! Cut me some slack here!

This weekend there is going to be a Dia de Deportes, and I'm debating whether or not to go. I don't play sports. I get hurt if I play sports. It's not good.  Maybe I'll try to persuade someone to go to Cerro Lambare with me. Another trip that's been cancelled about three or more times. And it's in the city where I live!


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