Friday, July 17, 2009

Walter Cronkite is dead and Milanesa is greasy

Milanesa is very popular here in Paraguay. I'm not a big fan of it. This is a picture of the milanesa from a very popular food court/free standing venor called Lomilandia that specializes in lomitos. Lomitos may be the most delicious things to grace the planet, especially when purchased from a vendor here called Monte Libano. It's a Lebanese place and it makes the greatest lomito arabes. Amazing. Anyway, what milanesa is is basically a chicken fried steak on steroids on a bun. It's ridiculously greasy and will give you heartburn and nausea within three bites guaranteed or your money back. Unfortunately, I will have to eat it on several more occasions while I'm here. This makes me weep on the inside.

So, I have been ridiculously busy this week, which explains my lack of presence on the blog. I'm in the process of creating another spreadsheet, but this time I'm being less creative and am cloning another person's program, but changing a few things so that instead of the missionaries' total funding spreadsheet, they can use it for the school, and then another one for the church's finances. This spreadsheet that I had to decipher was a monster. 39 lines on the top, upwards of 300 down the side. Please shoot me. On top of that, there were formulas adding together boxes on other sheets that had other formulas in them adding yet more formulas. Thankfully, I finally figured it out and have the rough framework on the school sheet done and will finish it up next week after the school's secretary enters some of the numbers.

The other major project this week has been getting used to the ancient photocopier in the office. I think Johannes Gutenberg used it. I've been copying pages for the Bible school's textbooks and for the Ladies' Conference in August. Next week's project, on top of finishing the ridiculous Excel sheet, is to work on the program for the Ladies' Conference. I've also been working with some of the ladies in the church on the sign language song and it's coming along great. They've been working really hard and I'm thrilled to see how great that they are doing.

During the ridiculous number of hours I've logged in the office this week came a not-so-pleasant experience. While I was in the office alone, a man came in, after having already come in once and talking to Diana, Sis. Bir, and Kathi, and asked about when Bro.Bir was going to be back. I told him  that I didn't know, and I thought he left. Apparently, after this exchange happened, he stole Diana's cell phone right off of her desk. Sis.Bir thinks that if I hadn't been in there, he would have taken all of our purses and her laptop bag, too. A very scary experience, although I'm thankful I didn't know the man's intentions while he was in the office, or I probably would have freaked out.

Tomorrow is another youth thing in Luque. I have to get up at six, be at the church at seven, and Diana and I are riding the bus to Luque, which will take about an hour and a half to two hours and two or three buses. I've been instructed to carry a copy of my passport and visa, carry a small bag instead of the big one, and very little money. Also, to sit by the window and not by the aisle where someone could grab my stuff. Not sure how I feel about those warnings.  I will take lots of pictures and be back on here tomorrow!

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