Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Requirements and How To Get Around Them

I don't know if I've mentioned this a lot in the past eleven months, but FMD drives me to want to drink. Frequently. Which is a no-no for missionaries.

They have this requirement that when you leave for the missions field, you must have 50% of your budget AND your plane ticket. I thought I was pretty much set, and then realized I wouldn't be set until two days AFTER I am scheduled to leave.


So, after I hyperventilated and had a small coronary, fully bringing down my high from receiving my visa in the mail today, I talked to my dad who said, "Why are you even going through FMD?"

Good question.

They have given me fits. They are taking 10% of my fundraising for "Administrative Charges", which is roughly $750. Their insurance is about $1600. The insurance is the only reason that I don't do this myself. That and that I haven't the slightest what I'm doing.

Dad tells me that he thinks he can do better on the insurance. Which is likely because the airfare estimate they gave me was about $800 too high. I'm thinking that doing this on my own may be better. I need to email the missionaries and get it all sorted out, but I think that I'm going to handle my own finances.

I think my blood pressure and heart will thank me.

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