Tuesday, May 19, 2009

T-minus 993 Hours

I attempted to buy my plane ticket last night. I kept having an orange box pop up telling me I was doing stuff wrong, and after about the third time, my dad told me to stop so that I wasn't paying for the entire youth group to go to Paraguay. Oops. As far as I know, it didn't go through. The prices have gone down since the last time I checked. They went down about $100. This is a good thing.

I also got to talk to the missionary's wife last night. She's excited about me coming to Lambare, and we talked for about 45 minutes about what I do and do not need to pack. We also talked about my living arrangements. At this point, there are two possibilities. I will either be living in an apartment with a young couple who lived in NYC for a while, speak some English, and are expecting a baby in September, or I will be living with two girls down there. I will stay with the Birs for the first few days that I'm there. I'm supposed to email them my itinerary as soon as I get it, so that I'm not stranded at the airport in Asuncion. This would not be fun.

I'm flying Continental, I've decided, because they're cheaper (Thank you, Jesus) and because I get a free carry-on and free first suitcase, as well as a personal item in addition to my carry-on (laptop case, purse, etc.). The luggage gods have smiled upon me.

It has just started to hit that in about a month, I will have friends that will not speak English. My English friends will be in another hemisphere. I'm not going to have my multicolored, awesome bedding set. I'm not going to have my parents. And, as I was informed last night, my home will not have interwebz. Nooo! I can, of course, go to the church and use their internet, but still. I have a feeling keeping up with Grey's Anatomy is going to be a pain.

In 993 hours, I will be getting on a plane to Houston. Then, I will fly overnight to Argentina. In 42 days, I will be in Paraguay.

Dear God, help me.

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