Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding Gowns and Play-Doh

On my desk I have two stacks of reading material on the shelves.

On one shelf, I have a stack of magazines. I buy wedding magazines whenever I have the money to do so. I have Elle, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Town and Country stacked up.

On another, I have stacks of children's books, in Spanish and in English, and some Spanish coloring books.

Which one do I choose?

I love fashion. I live for Gucci, Prada, and Coach. I can identify a real versus a fake Dooney and Bourke or Louis Vuitton at a hundred feet. Wedding gowns are my passion. I love them. I have taught my little sister to identify mermaid, trumpet, ball gown, and a-line silhouettes on command.

Teaching was only a second choice for me. Nothing I ever took seriously. For some reason, I thought that teaching was beneath me. That's why, once I started my New Hope preschool placement, I knew I was in big trouble. The first time a little boy came up to me, slipped his sticky hand in mine and said, "Miss Rebecca, will you help me build a block tower", I was hooked. When my learning disabled kid in extended day kindergarten cried the day that I left, even when I was sure I wasn't getting through to him, and said, "Miss Wyan, pwease come back and visit. What if I miss you? What will happen?", I felt like my heart was breaking. I hated my eighth grade placement, but it showed me that teaching wasn't, well,  always like this . I was ecstatic when I found out I was teaching kindergarten for my last placement. I love little kids. Always have, always will.

This causes me to have to make the easiest, but hardest, decision I will have had to make to date. I have to reapply at Kent State in order to start in January rather than August. Do I keep Fashion Merchandising, or change my major? It's hard. I love wedding gowns, but I love play-doh more.

Kent State offers a degree in Kindergarten/Preschool education. I will be enrolling.

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