Monday, April 20, 2009

Le Pressure- Iz Feeling It

Senior Presentation Lesson Plan is due today. I just got it done five minutes ago and it's due next period.  It's a special kind of joy, let me tell you. I have to talk for 35 minutes about genetic screening, designer babies, and wrongful life lawsuits. And I have to make it interesting. Yay, me. On the bright side, after I give said presentation on the 27th (that would be a week from today, people) I can pretty much write off the majority of my senior year. This does not suck in the least. Last night, I was regretting my decision to sign up for the first possible day to present, but now, sitting here with my lesson plan done and a week of slave labor attempting to splice together Gattaca clips, put together PowerPoint, and edit my hand out of two stories relating to the subject (Harrison Bergeron and My Sister's Keeper) ahead of me, I'm pretty darn glad that until graduation, all I have to do in Global Issues is sit and watch people present their presentations. That's the life. Getting a grade for doing nothing.

The week following that, I have my AP exam on May 5. As well as an English paper due on May 4. That's not nearly as fun,  but after the AP test, Spanish is pretty much written off, and after the paper....well, I'm sure Dailey will still find a way to make my life a living inferno.

I'm not a fan of my new teaching placement, but I'm attempting to like it. I'm really trying. I'm doing Kindergarten special education right now. I have two classes with seven kids in one class and ten in the other. I work with intellectually challenged and emotionally disturbed children through a program called Extended Day and some of the stories that the teacher tells me about the kids break my heart. When you know some of the kids it's even tougher. I like it better than eighth grade, but not as much as preschool. I really miss preschool, right now. Another girl is in that classroom right now, and she doesn't like it. During class discussion over placements,she says, "I hate it. They don't do anything except for play. The kids don't listen and it's just frustrating!"

Well, it is a bunch of preschoolers. They aren't ready for the quadratic formula, yet.

Commencement speech auditions are today and Thursday. My name was chosen for today along with a bunch of other really good speakers. There are thirteen of us, I think. They pick three. I'm not feeling overly confident, but we'll see how it goes. The judges that I know of love me, so maybe I have a chance.

And now, to waste about twenty pages of paper with various needed printed things. I wish I was exaggerating.

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