Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reason #3456 That Growing Up Is Surreal

There are some things that just don't feel right about being a grown-up.

When did people in my age bracket start getting married? I can't imagine marrying myself off right now. Would I like a realtionship? Sure. But married? Now? No thanks.

I went on Facebook today and saw that a guy that I used to be really good friends with got married. I have no idea when he got married and only noticed it because someone left a comment with, "Whoa, when did you get married?" He's 19. Back when I was newly broken up with, I used to talk to this guy every night on AOL. He's a sweet guy and his new wife is extremely lucky. It's just weird thinking that this guy is married now and his wife is younger than me. He's a few months older than me.

In a couple of months, one of my other friends is getting married. Right after camp, right before I leave for Paraguay. Left and right, people my age or within a two or three year radius of me are getting married or into serious relationships. Why? When did I become old enough for this to happen?

For once, I'm really not harping on the idea that I'm an "old maid". I just baffled by the fact that I can now legally have the option to do this, should some unwitting male come along and be smitten by yours truly. Which I don't foresee in the immediate future.

My friends and I should be grown ups. I shouldn't being looking at their registries and talking about colors. I want to go back to the sandbox, please.

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