Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Webcams Are Not Conducive To Learning...

Note A: If my teacher sees this, oops. And....well, I'm kind of sorry. But not really. We are teenagers and we do, in fact know how to use laptops. Even if you must look at the user manual. Constantly.

Note B: Look at me, throwing around words like conducive!

We got our laptops for Teacher Academy. I honestly do not know why she even bothered at this point. We have three weeks left in this placement and one four-week placement left, so it's really not going to do much. But, she did.

So, these laptops are amazing, but I didn't take a picture, so I will later.

And they have webcams!

However, she shouldn't have told us how to use them until after she was done. Because this is what happens when you do boring lectures...

So, our assignment tonight was to make her a video. I watched Michael tonight, so this is what we did, after discovering there was a voice converter with it containing the "Munchkin" setting-

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