Thursday, February 5, 2009

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I promise, I'm not trying to slack on the blogging. I have started two blogs, then got busy and didn't finish either of them. This week has been crazy.

On Monday afternoon, the mother of one of my classmates was in a fatal accident on her way home from doing some errands. She pulled into an intersection and her car was hit by a truck pulling a fifth-wheel. I've gone to school with her son since middle school, the family goes to the other Apostolic church in town, and her daughter is in the class that Rachel is student teaching at the middle school. The entire faculty and senior class was extremely shaken up by this whole thing. One girl lost her mother this summer and was a wreck on Tuesday when she heard. Rachel is upset because it brings back memories from her dad's death ten years ago. Most of us are just sad because one of our classmates and friends is hurting and will have to walk across the platform in June to receive his diploma, without one of the most important people to him cheering him on in the stands. It's heartbreaking, really. Please pray for that family. They really do need it.

On a lighter note, I have now raised $500, in contributions from churches. I got two checks in the mail yesterday. Sis.Potter filled me in on her scheme. She's cleared it with all involved, and at our craft fair in March, the proceeds from the silent auction for Easter baskets will go to my trip. I will be manning the booth and playing my DVD for the school on a loop. I'm thrilled. And a little weirded out.

I'm on the computer at school, waiting for the book club meeting to start, which it was supposed to about three minutes ago. I have a handbag meme that I need to fill out (good lord help us), so I'll come back later and do that.

In the meantime, you stay classy, XOXO Gossip Girl, and a variety of other cliched exit lines from TV and movies.

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