Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anti-Valentine's Week- Day 2

 In addition to this lovely picture, I have also discovered that there is actually a website referring to February 14 as Singles' Awareness Day or SAD . Again with the horrible hacking, as I laughed maniacally.

Friday is the youth Valentine's Day party, which everyone seems to insist I should go to, even though I make it clear every year that I hate Valentine's Day. So, I said that no, I really didn't want to go, and the response I got was, "Well, nobody's going to have a date, Becky."

I wanted to scream. Partially, because this felt like a huge slam referring to last year's Valentine's Day friend-date fiasco. Also, because it is generally assumed that the only reason I hate Valentine's Day is because I am single. Granted, that is a huge part of it, but I am pretty sure that I am never going to like a holiday whose mascot is a fat, naked man with wings, who flutters about, shooting innocent bystanders with arrows. The holiday is a large devotion to all things pink and frilly and fluffy and girly. I am not pink and frilly and fluffy. Ask my Aunt Julie. She's tried to convince me otherwise.

And yeah, I do hate that I'm single on Valentine's Day all the time. Also, that the only relationship that I ever had ended on the day of the Valentine's banquet. Over email. And then started up again a month later, but that's another story.  Yes, I am bitter, and I do hate the holiday because it is a chance for people to do one of two things.

1.) They throw the relationshipiness around and it smacks me in the face and they don't notice.
2.) They keep telling me that "I'll find someone eventually".

It's not like I think everyone should stop Valentine's Day because I hate it, or a bunch of people hate it. I just think that if we make it clear that we hate the holiday, you should let it go and not try to assume that it's because we're single and tell us that it's not a big deal.

Because I know that the last thing I want this week is to be reminded that I'm single. Seriously. I get reminded every other day of the year that a friend calls and asks me to help her pick out colors or that she's moved her wedding or that her boyfriend did something sweet. I just want a one week break.

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