Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Which A Lot Of Snow Falls And I Try Not To Embezzle

There is a lot of snow. As you can see. The White Death has befallen us, and, as goes snow/natural disaster/weekend/any other day I don't have school tradition, I'm at Dawn's. Like, the second that they called the White Death, Dawn texted me and asked if I was coming over, as usual. I did. The picture was taken from my bedroom window this morning. The picture doesn't even do the white badness justice. The snowflakes are gargantuan and falling really fast. We're on a Level 2 Snow Advisory at the moment, and they, because Jesus loves me, cancelled my Business Law class tonight at COTC.

In addition to this beauty, you will be glad to know that now the interwebs believe that I will become an old maid. I got a special offer from in my email yesterday, titled "Your love may already be waiting". That was nice of them, especially when ramping up on my favorite holiday.
I'm so glad that I have their blessing to look. Because that is all that has been standing between me and the plethora of men that think that I am one hot babe. Allow me to take one big sigh of relief.
Anyway, as for the Paraguay update, as I'm sure you want, I sent out twenty-four letters to Ohio churches this weekend. They were very well versed if I do say so myself, and I'm really hoping that something will come of them. If not, that's okay. Well, not okay, but I'm sure that God will provide some other way. But after licking twenty-four envelopes, I would hope to get a few shekels. I'm doing a presentation at our church in March, and I'll show that clip about the school and tactfully beg for money, which seems to me like an oxymoron. I really do hate asking people money, you know, outside of my parents. And even with that, while I had a job, I tried not to. Someone asked me this weekend, after I put on Facebook that I had sent out my fundraising letters, if I was sending out individual requests, but to be honest, I really don't think I can justify doing that. If people come to me and tell me that they want to contribute, then that's one thing. If I do a wide fundraising thing, like to a whole church, I don't have a problem with that,either, because I'm not putting people on the spot, asking them specifically for money. Especially in this economy. I don't want to pressure people into giving me money by sending them an individual letter like the sample that Headquarters sent me. It just seemed tacky to me. Maybe I'm just touchy. Who knows. I really just don't want to resort to the individual donor thing.
Off of the soapbox.
I made a withdrawal from savings yesterday. A painful, painful withdrawal because I didn't want to cash the contribution check that I received from one of the churches, before I even sent out the letters. I'm not quite sure of the protocol for all of that yet, so I didn't want to cash it or put it in savings for the trip, spend it on my passport, and then find out I was supposed to do something else and it look like I was embezzling. I'm pretty sure that would effectively end my short stent as a missionary-wannabe. So, I pulled the money for my passport out of my savings from the dreadful summer. It was like watching an old friend leave.
Hopefully, this week I will get my passport pictures and the application in the mail. Then I can book my ticket to Argentina and Paraguay. And have a breakdown again because I've done something else that solidifies my leaving.
P.S. Much love to Mrs.Lemon for this.

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