Monday, November 24, 2008

Interim Day

Today marks the middle of my second quarter of the last year that I will ever be furthering my education in the dinky town of Mt.Vernon (Hallelujah!). Also, Meaning that I am 3/8 of the way through my senior year and 27/32 of the way through my high school career. Can I get an amen?

Today also marks the day that I turned in two assignments for Forensics where I was sick, where I wrote a letter to my social studies teacher explaining the catastrophe that happened with the quiz that wasn't explained to me and my friend's convenient omission of a crucial assignment (which she then laughed about. I am trying not to beat her to a pulp), and begging for a second chance. Also, it marks the time where I look at my Spanish grade and go, "Dios mio! Que paso este cuarto? Era despierto?"

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Or something.

In additon to all of this fun, this thing is rearing it's ugly head again. I got an email last night, explaining her side of the story and stuff. I replied and sent a text and got no reply, and she didn't talk to me today in Debate, still. I miss having my friend, and really want all of this to work out and blow over, but I don't know what's going to happen.

But, in spite of all of this, I say "Huzzah!". This is because "tada!", SUMMIT ANNOUNCED THEY'RE DOING NEW MOON!!! Woohoo! But, why wouldn't they? If you brought in $70.6 million, the first weekend, on a movie that only cost you $37 million to make, wouldn't you make the second movie? Yeah. I should say so. I also say, however, that Catherine Hardwicke needs to get her head out of her rear when she says that they aren't going to rush. Hello? Catherine? You kinda need to rush it. Robert Pattinson isn't getting any younger, and, well, Edward Cullen just isn't aging anymore, dearie. So yeah. Hurry it up, sweet pea.

P.S. A negative review for Twilight, which made me chuckle. I still want to see it.

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