Saturday, September 27, 2008

Youth Night

I have come to love doingstupid stuff with my youth group. It's always fun. Stupid, mindless fun. Like bowling. I can't bowl. I know I can't bowl. Yet I can laugh when my ball goes in the gutter and my shoes make me slip and do the splits. Ow. Also, when certain guys in the youth group attempt to be Johnny Bravo-like and slide, and end up sliding off of the end of the platform. Then I laugh hysterically.
Also, when Sis.R secretly butts into pictures.
And Alison is miraculously impregnated by a bowling ball. She was carrying quite low.
Also, when we recovene at the youth leaders' house for hot fudge cookie sundaes and play Mafia. That is insane, loud, wild and crazy fun.

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