Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sis.R!!!

Tonight we threw a birthday party for our wonderful (young) youth leader's wife. She didn't see it coming!

I would like to point out to everyone (especially Sis.R) that I did not choose the candles (although I about peed myself laughing at them),and I was just a pawn used for decorating purposes.
We abused her and made her wear a rafting helmet and feathered mask. She didn't appreciate that too much.
We had some issues with the lighter, though. The guys kept trying to melt things (like styrofoam cups) and Sis.R remarked by the end of the evening that they had melted so much and released so many fumes that it smelled like pot was burning. Not pleasant.
Another thing I would like to know. Whose idea is it to keep giving the G-man lighters?
I mean seriously. Didn't we see this same scenario 2 weeks ago?
The glazed over expression? The demented smile? The spatula or feathered mask? Really, people? Who comes up with this stuff?

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