Sunday, August 24, 2008

Forgive Me, God

I'm a bad, bad, uncompassionate Sunday School teacher.

There is a small child that has been a student of mine for about 2 years. He got sucker punched today. I seriously had to resist standing and giving the child an ovation. My applause was suppressed only by the grace of God himself. But then again, that kid GROWLED at me today.

That's right.


He had it coming.

I'm so bad.


My first day of school was awesome. My schedule got messed up and instead of a study hall first semester, I'm in debate. Guess who teaches debate? That's right folks. Cute History Teacher. Amazing.

I'm once again the favorite of the all powerful Hren, who is my Global Issues (AKA- Senior Soc. for the nerds), and AP Spanish gives me the heeby-jeebies, not going to lie. Also, KAP English is going to be a monster.

I have two quizzes tomorrow, in my two language classes. I also have a two-minute speech due for debate. They don't mess around senior  year, do they?

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