Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ah...the sweet smell of FAIL in the morning....

I posted this on MySpace from my Blackberry at about 7:30 AM. Meant to post here, too, but for some reason, nothing worked:

I'm currently working the AM shift here at Java Hut and am here until 11.I got here at 6:30, brewed the coffee and put money in the till. The cash register started beeping at me and then locked up. Oh goody. None of the keys worked and the drawer wouldn't open again.


So, I'm 5 minutes from opening and my cash register won't work and the manager isn't picking up her phone. Of course. So, I put up a sign, saying that our cash register is moronic and that we'll open soon.

I then call Sharp (the company that makes our register) and dial in for customer service. Well, that's just grand because of course their customer service is out on the weekends. "However, if you would like to receive a follow-up phone call on Monday, press 4." The annoying automated lady chirps at me.

Yeah, thanks,Lady. I think I'll pass on that, you incompetant piece of guano.

So, I'm extrordinarily ticked at this point, but luckily, no customers have come through to complain. Suddenly, I realize that I know where the instruction manual is. I hunt it down and look under "Fixing Errors". It says the exact same thing as the little reference sheet next to the register. Whole lot of good typing a code in does me since the flippin' keys won't even work.Thanks for nothing. I do find out that there is a way to manually open the register. So, I do this and leave it open and get out a calculator and notebook.

And here I am. I've been taking down orders and writing prices on a sheet of paper to enter into the register when/if Amanda calls and am calculating change with an extremely high-tech 1st grade calculator.

All I can say is FAIL.

Epic FAIL.

Amanda ended up calling at 10. Yes. 10! An HOUR before I left. It ended up just needing one button pushed. What a waste. Over all, I think I did well with the self computation. I was only twenty cents off. WIN!

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