Saturday, July 5, 2008

Camp '08 (Part 1)

Sr.High Camp 2008= AWESOMIZED

I can't really put it plainer than that. I have never been to a better camp than this week. I laughed, I cried, etc., etc. Simply awesome.

I roomed with Rachol, Lori, and Deana. We also were grouped with two other girls from Pataskala, who were just a blast. Deana's friend, Peggy, stayed one night, but her knee gave her some problems and she had to leave.

Our night speaker was Bro. Tim Gaddy (twin brother of former General Youth President) and our morning speaker was Bro. Tim Rutledge. They could not have picked better complimenting speakers. I'm not sure if they planned to or not, but their messages went together incredibly.

Because I feel like it, I'll start with the fun stuff and get to the church stuff in a while(not that church wasn't know what I mean.....yeah...leaving that alone). This will end up being a multi-post thing, I'm thinking.

At camp we have this thing called Late Night. After church we had things like wild and crazy games and hang time, and Wednesday night was the Talent Show (not that I was able to enjoy THAT all too much. Carolyn knows to what I refer here. I was in tears the whole time. Don't ask. You don't wanna know. If you do, then text me. If you don't have my cell to text me, you don't need to know). Thursday night was Consecration, which was one of the church things that I'll explain later. It was a blast. Kept me laughing constantly.

I must give kudos to whoevers idea it was to open up the pole barn this year at camp. It was pretty sweet. We played dodgeball in there and it gave a lot more space for Rec, too. Yet, the sun (and shade) was still nice, even though it drove people like Rachol and Brookelynn to insanity-

Oh yes, and then of course there was the Dorm Wars. They added another boys dorm this year and they named the dorms. The original was named the Alamo and the new one was Alcatraz (also known as Alcatrash because of the lack of hygiene). Because of the girls having the dorm and hotel, and the boys now having two dorms, we were able to have a little friendly (and gross) competition. For example, the following- a fear factor challenge involving eating pig's feet.

How incredibly disgusting is that?

Off to pack for Defiance. More stories and videos later.

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