Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Have No Witty Title

I'm taking a brief, 5 minute break from my Cryptanalysis project for math to catch up on what's been going on the past few days, which is a lot. I'm timing myself to make sure that I sorta kinda stay on task, so I'm not sure that I'll get everything in.

Yesterday we received our finalized scores for National Spanish Exam. I ended up getting an Honorable Mention and being only 12 points away from being a medalist. Because of this, I have decided that I am definitely taking AP Spanish next year, which I was wavering on my decision a little bit.

I also had a video conference with Ted Strickland yesterday. Well, not me personally, but my school was one of 8 selected and I received an invitation to go and be in the conference. I must admit I wasn't all that impressed with him. He doesn't really stay on topic when people ask him questions. But oh well.

I start my final project for Anatomy and Physiology today, which is the dissection of the cat. I don't like cats, so it's not a really big moral issue for me, but still, seeing them in the bags of formaldahyde yesterday was kind of sad. Apparently, we have to name the cat. Our group is naming our cat "Shop". Dad should understand that and will find it funny.

That was 6 minutes. Oh well. Sue me.

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