Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fin de Semana con Tres Dias!!!

(Weekend with three days, for you non-Spanish speakers)

My weekend thus far has been pretty great.

Saturday, I went to work and ended up putting in about 9 hours. I got there at around 11:15 and didn't end up leaving until 8. It was still a pretty great day and I made a lot in tips. I discovered how much I absolutely loathe making cappuccino. It's a real pain in the gluteal region. Different kind of milk, specific amount to be measured out, and a real pain all around. I love to make smoothies. They still haven't got to the point where they're boring. I do, however, hate making Pina Colada smoothies. The mix, and I tell you no lie, smells strangely of....err....excreted renal fluid. AUGH!! Ew! Ew! Ew! And, unfortunately, it's one of the more popular ones. Along with the Peach and Strawberry-Banana-Peach (my personal favorite).

Today was kind of sad. My last day teaching my class. Some of the kids hadn't heard about my transfer and the reactions were mixed. My "favorite" students gasped and looked like they were going to cry. The kids who I feel like slapping every once in a while stifled a cheer of glee.I have a few students who love me (Jennifer and Hannah) who are moving up to the next class with me.

Also, Alison was back from her vacation. This was great, because she's been gone for 2 weeks, and really, who do I have to beat up on when she's gone? JK-ing. (Don't ask)

Tomorrow, the youth group is taking their annual trip to Cedar Point. My first time ever going was last year and it was a blast and this year should be no different. My "group" that I'm going around with this year is Rachol, Alison, and Dawn. We're currently in the process of begging Sis.R to let Alison ride some of the big coasters, because currently she is afraid that she is going o fall out on a big flip or something. I assured her that I would make Alison hang on tight and that I always double-check the lap-bar because of the unfortunate incident that befell Dad and Bro. Ross when they were teenagers and rode the Magnum. (If either care to share this story, they can in the comments) She said "she'd see".

Oh yeah, another note from tonight- SIS.JEWEL WAS AT MY CHURCH TONIGHT!!! WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Well, currently there is a group of people at my house chilling, so I should probably go and be social. It's not all that likely...but it's possible.


Theresa said...

I would have thot you'd be rejoicing about your move up!!! AFTER all, you'll be back with your favorite teacher!!! :) Actually, Ross is looking forward to having your help, so plan on working hard!! I understand there will be about 20 youngun's for you to help corral.

the lizness said...

I think I heard that story oh, about every time we ever went to Cedar Point.

The Muffin said...

Sis.Theresa- I'm happy about moving up, but it's just kind of sad, especially with my brother in that class.

Liz- You're not the only one who's heard that story incessantly.

Carolyn said...

I only very vaguely remember having heard that story. Someone refresh my memory? =)

It was pretty nice to see Sis. Jewel wasn't it?