Monday, April 7, 2008

Update on NSE

I can breathe at least a little easier right now, because Sra. Tuel gave us our preliminary scores from National Spanish Exam today. These do not allow me to know how I rank in the nation or how I did comparatively to the students this year who took it. All I have as reference is last years averages.

The achievement test consists of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. This test made me want to gnaw my own leg off. The national average in 2007 was 89.

The proficiency test is reading and listening comprehension. I loved this part and owned it. The national average in 2007 was 108.

 Las Cuentas de La Panecilla (The Scores of The Muffin)

 Achievement- 100
Proficiency- 148

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chantell said...

Bien hecho, chica! Estoy tan orgullosa de ti! Viva la Panecilla!