Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today's Learnings

  • Unfortunately, Esig dropped out of the play. Bummer. Friendly support without perks. Who wants that?
  • My Spanish teacher has a Facebook account! She heard my class discussing the wonders that are networking sites and told us that she has one on account of she works at the Naz and uses it to keep in contact with her students. All of us vowed to come home and add her.
  • That probability is just *yawn* fascinating.
  • That the cow eye lens I brought home the other day is no longer see through. It looks more like a white marble than a clear one.
  • I have a hard-to-define personality types, according to Myers-Briggs. Yippee.
  • Mystery meat in the cafeteria is surprisingly good on Emily's quesadilla sandwich things.

In addition to these learnings, here are some more of today's happenings-
  • We finished up monologues in Theater today, and Esig did his. *swoon* Velvety smooth voice.
  • We watched Death of a Salesman starring Dustin Hoffman in English. Unfortunately, neither he nor John Malkovich could improve that movie.
  • Our table was very lonely without Sam today because he was promoting the play and trying to get people to buy tickets. I had no one to share Cheetos with. I was sad.

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