Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ode to an ACT

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

  1. Whose brilliant idea was it to making the Writing Test last? I mean seriously. Think about the logic of that. "We're going to have you fill in little bubbles for 4 hours and then we're going to ask you to write a two page essay." Great idea, Sherlock. My hand is permanently shriveled. I'll send you the bill for my carpal tunnel.
  2. As for the Science test, I'm usually a good student. It's a sorry, sorry thing, buddy, when I feel more confident about the Math portion than the Science. I mean, I have no idea what "ppm" means. At least put a key there or something! And if you're going to provide "helpful figures", please make them legible.
  3. Oh thank you, Gods o' Math for influencing the ACT Test Makers. Thank you for the multiple geometry questions. It's a good thing when 4 of my 60 questions incorporate the Pythagorean Theorem, which was the only thing I managed to get an "A" in for Mrs. Crumm's Challenge Math Class. Also, kudos for the probability, percentages, and counting principle questions, which we just studied. If my brain hadn't farted out at the questions about functions, binomials, and some trig (which I normally rock at. I less than three triangles!) I wouldn't have schooled that booger.
  4. Also, thanks goes out to Mr.Jarosz, the greatest Geometry teacher on the planet. You should be greatly blessed for your clever mnemonic of trig, which kinda, sorta saved me. I think that the people scoring will probably wonder why the hay they should care about Oscar having heaps of apples, some corn, too. But hey, if it helped me remember trig, so *nyah* to them.
  5. Reading should be fun, you morons! I mean, even the OGT people were able to come up with mildly interesting selections. Yours made me nearly drool all over the answer sheet, which would have erased all of my little bubbles, making me very unhappy.
  6. Finally, you should know that the statement of prohibition to discuss the test with anyone, is a load of poo-poo. My best friend rode home with me and the second we got out of testing, the first question was, "So, what essay question did you get?" Not that it mattered, because we had the same one. But still.
Thank God I never have to do that again. I have to wait 5-7 weeks for my scores. 4 colleges will also be getting my scores in the mail. I sent scores to Marymount, Kent State, Cleveland State, and COTC (for post-secondary next year). Pray that all goes well.

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