Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jesus Freak

One of my favorite teachers of all time was probably my eighth grade teacher, Mr.Freshwater. He was a really good teacher, for the most part, and all of us looked forward to his class which was really interesting. He spent a year in China when his kids were younger and always had some really cool stories to tell. His middle daughter, Sarah, is a swimming star at school and is in my Anatomy class.

I was on the Mount Vernon News website today and saw something that made tears come to my eyes. Apparently, Mr.Freshwater has gotten in trouble with the Mount Vernon City School administration because he has a Bible on his desk.

Mr.Freshwater was never silent about what he believed. He never forced US to believe it either. He was probably the only teacher that I've ever had that showed both evolution AND intelligent design in his lessons, trying to give both sides. He had a sign on his back wall with the 10 Commandments, as well as a sign with a verse from James on it. He had a book called "Jesus Freaks" on his desk, published by the band DC Talk, about people who have stood for what they believed whatever the cost and read it to us on a few occasions, not intending to sway us in our religious beliefs, but to show us that if other people in other countries were willing to stand fast for what was right, despite extreme consequences, why couldn't we? He always had a Bible on his desk. Big deal, I do, too, on several occasions. He's not forcing people to read it. And he's not forcing people to believe what he does.

Wake up school officials. Read the first ammendment. What he's doing IS NOT WRONG.

Leave him alone already.

I should also add that, as of yet, Mr.Freshwater has not complied with the request, which is why he's in trouble.

Way to be a Jesus Freak, Freshwater. You rock!

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