Friday, March 7, 2008

This Week

I popped my arm out Tuesday. It hurt. Lots. I threw a napkin at Nikki and in the process I heard a large snap. And I felt like crying. And then it popped back in. And my entire theater group burst into laughter. As I tried not to cry. I called Nikki a crapweasel. She threw the afore mentioned napkin at me. And her arm was fine. That crapweasel.

Hilary took Ohio. Boo.

My entire youth group jumped down my throat on Wednesday night for supporting Obama. It was pleasant. Or something.

I have been sleeping on the couch all week due to an unfinished closet and Blogatorium, which rock, but all of the contents of my closet are on my bed. This caused me to wake up at least two days with serious back spasms. Oh goody.

But my week wasn't all that bad....

I presented my play in theater today. It was way too long, but was amazing. Everyone loved it.

I'm wearing the dress tonight. I will attempt to get the promised picture of it tonight.

I got an A on my KAP History Essay Test.

The Kent State Shootings Research is going good. (Note: If you know of anyone with a memory of the shootings, please email or comment me. I am looking for primary sources.)

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Carolyn said...

Don't forget....the entire youth group AND Mime Team jumped down your throat about Obama. lol