Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am celebrity...ish....ness

I'm at Dawn's house. The ridiculous white death ended up burying Dorenda's car and we all went out to unbury the car and built snow people. The management of the snow people building was my job- to keep kids entertained while the 13 inches of snow on top of Ren's car (we measured it) was removed. After hunting through the big snow drifts the plow left for snow balls (and losing a shoe, causing us to have to unbury it, along the way) we made a family of snow people which included- Dawn, Jennifer, Ali, Muhammad, Tonya, Elisha, and Nessie.

Before I went out in the snow, bundling up was required. I had 4 shirts, PJ pants, a jean skirt, 2 layers of socks, shoes, two scarves, and a hat on. I looked ridiculous and my hair was a wreck. Dawn took one look, laughed, and said "We have GOT to get a picture of this!"

We intended to take pictures before we came in.

As we finished up our second snow person, Virgil Shipley, photographer for the local newspaper, walked up, camera in hand. He snapped pictures of me, Mo, and Ali working on the snow people.

Yes, readers. Me and my million layer glory are going to be in the news.

This should be interesting.

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Carolyn said...

I cannot WAIT to see that pic...and, did you get any pics of the snow family??